Bonollo CUVÉE

A line of luxurious eco-leather packaging with handcrafted stitching. The black color paired with the cream-colored velvet lining creates a perfect blend of sophistication. The golden components of the closures and label also give an extremely elegant effect that enhances the perceived value of the enclosed products.

Cova pastry chocolate box

We have started collaborating with some of the most prestigious pastry shops to make their packaging even more enticing with precious materials and lacquered finishes. Multi-layer lacquering is one of the most sought-after techniques, even in the wood industry, as it makes the product much more elegant and modern. The finishes used in this packaging are: matt white lacquered wood and golden accessories.

Watchmaking packaging

Watchmaking is a sector of extreme luxury that requires precision and attention to every single detail, starting from the packaging. We have therefore designed and created a wooden box with visible grain, paired with a smooth eco-leather interior with handcrafted stitching and precious velvet to accommodate and display the product inside. The packaging does not feature closures as concealed magnets have been inserted to make everything cleaner and more refined.

Rocca Pesta winery lacquered packaging

A line of lacquered packaging that immediately captures attention thanks to the unique burgundy hue combined with gold foil customization. A color that evokes the wine world, making the brand unique and recognizable. We have used wood fiber, which is well suited for lacquering, and internally a cardboard covered in precious gray velvet.