Tabletop chalkboard with bottle holder

An innovative idea to showcase your product in restaurants, wine bars, or in your wine shop. The writable chalkboard also allows you to display prices and daily menus directly on the table or counter. The finishes are in white-painted solid wood, giving a modern touch to this gift.

Molinari table menu holder

The wooden structure makes this gift sturdy and adaptable to any environment. The steel “menu stopper” allows for the insertion of one or more menus depending on the type of restaurant or establishment. Customization is done through 2-color screen printing.

Maschio Primeuve cheese board

The cutting board is one of the most used items in the kitchen but also in restaurants. This gift features a base in natural solid beechwood and a dark walnut wood part that is used to insert cheese knives thanks to internal magnets and grooves to hold ceramic bowls. Customization is done through pyrographic printing.

Marzadro distillery cart

An ideal gift for effortlessly moving and promoting various products. The cart is a highly used promotional item, especially in restaurants, as it can be utilized in various situations. The finishes are in natural and black-stained wood, while the designer wheels add a touch of modernity and allow for easier movement of the cart.